Ep. 75 – Ron Funches, May the 4th & 5th Be With You, and Escape from a Nursing Home!

In this episode Jon & Stamos get together on May the 4th and talk about the hashtag #MayThe4thBeWithYou. Is it really about Star Wars or is it making fun of lisps? Then they celebrate Cinco De Mayo and talk to friend Troy McKay who almost became the new Hemi Guy.  Then it’s time to play “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” as Jon takes listeners’ phone calls to guess the amount of one of his acting residual checks.  After that, it’s “MEME ME / Caption This” as Jon reads your comments about a MEME of Clyde the orangutan wearing Jon’s ginger beard mask. Then it’s “Who’s Zoomin Who” where comedian Ron Funches joins the show to talk about his role in the new film GOLDEN ARM and his love of wrestling. After that it’s “Small Town News” where an elderly couple, both with dementia, used morse code to break out of a Tennessee assisted living facility. And finally it’s “Goodwill Hunting” where Jon & Marc unbox gifts they bought each other from a Goodwill.  The forthe ith throng with thith muy caliente epithode.