Ep. 82 – Gary Owen, Naked Sky Diving, & Transgender Transformer Beast Wars

In this episode Jon & Stamos get together and talk about their weekend with one of them visiting Lake James and bringing back a sweet picture to prove it. Jon went to the Hickory Motor Speedway to do a little “Trackside Trivia” with the drivers.

Jon introduces a new segment called “The Troll Patrol” where Jon trolls other verified Facebook pages to get fan reactions. In this week’s episode he trolled Kyle Busch, Ginger Billy & Cat Fish Cooley, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Then it’s time for “Best Trends”, Brought to you by Hendrick Honda of Hickory. The boys celebrate #NationalOnionRingsDay & talk about a live-action adaptation of fan-favorite series #BeastWars and the movie #Transformers. Also trending was Transgender athlete New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard competing at the Olympics. Coincidence?

Next up is  “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” as listeners call in to guess the amount of one of my checks from the HBO series “Eastbound & Down”.

Then, Jon shows a clip from The Heffron & Reep Show where comedian Josh Blue and Tammy Pascatelli join in to talk about fights that happen on Last Comic Standing and Josh Blue auditioning for America’s Got Talent.

After that it’s time for “Who’s Zoomin Who?” As Gary Owen joins the show to play “F, Marry , Kill”  between Halle Berry, Wendy Williams, or Rachel Dolezal, as well as to talk about his new movie and his appearance this weekend at the Comedy Zone in Charlotte.

Next up it’s “Small Town News” when a Nebraska man makes 60 naked skydiving jumps in 24 hours. And finally it’s time for “Goodwill Hunting” where Jon & Marc unbox gifts they got for each other for 5 dollars or less at a Goodwill.

This episode is Troll-Tastic and Bare-Bottom!