Ep. 110 – “Dudeior” Sexy Photos, Trolling Ronan Farrow and Redneck Reviews!

In this episode, Jon and his co-host Marcus Stamos share some reader comments from last week’s show and tell a listener’s spouse to “shut the hell up!”

In BEST TRENDS, it’s National Spaghetti Day and National Trivia Day, so Jon and Marc play a round of an 80s trivia drinking game.

Then it’s time for the TROLL PATROL, as Jon trolled reporter/celebrity Ronan Farrow about his disappointment in a recent drag race.

After that, it’s REDNECK REVIEWS with Intern Isaiah as he reviews Episode 3 of “And Just Like That”, the “Sex in the City” revival.  Is Isaiah starting to like the show a bit?  How many “drizzling turds” does Isaiah drop in this review?

In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man pretends to be handicapped in order to hire a babysitter to change his diapers!

And, finally, the Country-ish crew share a behind-the-scenes look at their recent “Dudeior” photo shoot in order to get sexy photos to submit to a local magazine.  They share 13 photos from the shoot and leave it up to the viewers to vote on their favorite.  Who is going to become the next “Page 3 Beauty”?

It’s a hot, freaky, sexy show for you… a real Diaper Dandy!