Ep. 117 – Johnny Dare, 2’s Day, Down Syndrome, Matthew Stafford & the Hickory Arches are Falling Down

In this is episode it’s Tuesday, 2/22/22 aka the number “2’s Day” and Jon & Marc get together and talk about Jon’s new bandanna outfit, getting in the Focus magazine, and the good times in Richmond, Virginia with Sebastian who danced the night away and lost his wallet.

Then in “Best Trends” Victoria Secret reveals their first ever model with Down Syndrome and Matthew Stafford walks away after photographer falls off a stage.

After that, it’s “Who’s Zoomin Who?” when Kansas City radio host Johnny Dare joins the show to show off some of his crazy, creepy, yet sexy dolls and toys.

Next up it’s “How Much Is That Screen Actors Guild Residual Check?” And this time Jon gives away 2 checks!

And finally, in “Small Town News” Jons talks about the 2 Wooden Arches, that Weigh 40-Tons and Cost $753,000 that Came Crashing Down in Hickory.

This episode is twin-tastic and might make you take a double deuce.