Ep. 127 – Cledus T. Judd, Larry the Cable Guy, Free Money & a Man Grows a New Penis On His Arm!

Actor, Comedian, and Black Card member at Planet Fitness JON REEP has an emasculating, offensive…. but very appreciative show for you today!

In BEST TRENDS Bill Murray offended someone on the set of a movie and finds himself in some hot water.

It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day, so Jon talks about the teachers he appreciated and shares a video recording of him giving a book report in high school dressed as Rosalynn Carter.

LARRY THE CABLE GUY drops by again to answer some questions from Jon’s Facebook fans.

Singer / Songwriter / Comedian, CLEDUS T. JUDD zooms in to talk about how his musical career started, how he was a high school basketball phenom, and his latest song about President Biden.

Then it’s time to give away some money as Jon plays HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? with his audience and chooses three random listeners to play.  How much was this check from an episode of BLACK-ish?

And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man’s penis fell off but he had a new one attached after growing it… on his arm for six years! Talk about a reach around!! 

Join actor/comedian Jon Reep on his weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where he and his crew talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, share some SMALL TOWN NEWS, and play games with the live audience!