Ep. 173 – Andrew Conn, 3-D Centerfolds and Second Chance Proms!

This week’s show is a bit of an intimate affair… just you and me (and producer The Alan Jackson) as the rest of the crew is out for the day. But it’s a formal, intimate, curious countdown episode!

I share a video from a while back where two kids do their own versions of my old dance routines.

Are you coming to my prom? The PROM 2: THE REDO is coming up April 15th. Get more info at www.jonreep.com/prom.

We talk through some of today’s Irrational National Holidays… so happy National 3-D Day, happy National Fragrance Day, happy National Common Courtesy Day, and many more. Do we need cologne anymore? And what’s the drama behind the National California Strawberry Commission?

And then comedian Andrew Conn joins me on WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? to talk about his red hot comedy career, about being a high school basketball star, and how much he can turn his head. See Andrew’s comedy at www.AndrewConnComedy.com.

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