Country-ish Episodes

Ep. 143 – Hot Dog Beer Straws, JJ Walker, Goodwill Hunting & Armless Man Stabs Someone with his Feet!

Today’s show is like a Hot Diggity Footlong Dynamite Dog! In BEST TRENDS, Jimmy “JJ” Walker is back again and he also wants to give you Money!! What does that mean? Also, there’s a guy who was caught on video drinking his beer with a straw he made out of a hot dog. That sounds like something the COUNTRY-ish crew should try! Watch as Jon Reep and Marcus Stamos try their own hot dog straws to drink their beer… and, yes, it’s as bad as it sounds. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon Reep tells the story of a man in Florida with no arms who was arrested for stabbing a guy with scissors using his feet. How souless! Jon’s all up in arms… or, all up in feet… about this story! Jon Reep and Marcus Stamos do a little unboxing of gifts they got each other from a local Goodwill store

Ep. 142 – Jokes, Mullet Championships, Residual Checks & Pushing Peanuts Up Mountains with Noses!

Today’s show is gonna be Hairy, Nutty, and Hilarious. But not in that order. It’s National “Tell a Joke Day”! Jon goes around the room and asks his COUNTRY-ish crew to tell their favorite jokes. And, surprise surprise, Intern Isaiah has the dirtiest joke of the whole group. In BEST TRENDS, a 7-year-old has grown the world’s most majestic mullet. Will he win the USA Mullet Championship? Jon looks over his competition and gives his thoughts on all of their beautiful heads of hair. And did Jon Reep ever have a mullet? In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man in Colorado pushed a peanut up a mountain… using his nose. What type of nut would you choose if you had to push one up a mountain? And Jon decides he wants to start his own nut-pushing challenge up the much smaller Baker’s Mountain in Hickory. And finally, it’s time to win

Ep. 141 – Shane Mauss, Monkey’s Blood, Trainwrecks & Jack Daniels Golf Cart Driving

Today’s show is like a sick monkey in a mossy mosh pit. In BEST TRENDS, Jon talks about TRAINWRECK, the new Netflix documentary series about Woodstock ’99.  Trash everywhere, super hot, lots of naked people… this festival was a sh&#show! Plus… #Monkeypox is trending, but Jon is more interested in talking about Monkey’s Blood!  Do you remember this from your childhood?  Could Monkey’s Blood be the way to cure Monkeypox? Jon welcomes comedian SHANE MAUSS to the show to talk his first time on stage, messing with his audience, and his new ginger beard! Plus, Jon talks about Shane’s upcoming music, comedy, art and science festival, Mind Under Matter, in Raleigh NC ( In this week’s SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon reports on a story of a Florida woman who was caught driving a golf cart on the interstate with an open bottle of Jack Daniels.  And now she’s a caddie for

Ep. 140 – National Boob Day, Jacksonville Chicken Man & Aliens Fighting Dragons

Todays show is a titillating, heaping handful of Florida fun! In BEST TRENDS, it’s National Boob Day, and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!  How is Jon Reep going to celebrate both of these special events on the same day?  Jon explains the history of the ice cream sandwich, as well as trolls PETA about post they made today. Then, Jon revisits a Small Town News story about a man who was arrested for killing his neighbor’s pet chicken.  Jon talks to the chicken killer, James Nix Jr., and gets his side of the story. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon reports on the story of a man who claims President Biden told him to drive a stolen truck to Patrick Space Force Base to notify US aliens about fighting Chinese dragons.  And Jon believes him? And finally, Jon gives his listeners another chance to win his money in this week’s round

Ep. 139 – Jason Aldean, Juston McKinney, Residual Checks, & Free Movies for Gingers!

We have a bad sketchy, hot, bright ginger loving show for you today! In BEST TRENDS, a new mural honoring country music singer Jason Aldean just popped up on the side of a Dollar General store and people are talking about it… but not in a good way. Plus, it’s National Auntie Anne’s Day!  What does Jon think about pretzels? In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon shares a story he has been waiting his whole life to see… Redheads are offered free movie tickets to help them dodge the extreme heat!  Does this help with all the discrimination Jon and his fellow gingers have been facing?  Or are redheads getting special treatment? In WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? Jon welcomes his friend and fellow comedian JUSTON MCKINNEY to the show to talk about his upcoming YouTube special, above-ground pools, pretzels and hot dogs. And Jon’s got more money to give away in this

Ep. 138 – Schwarzenegger Face Farting, Daiquiri Day, Goodwill Hunting, and Man Kills Friend to Stop Him from Summoning Sasquatch

We have a sweet tasting, deadly, gassy show for you today! Actor/Comedian Jon Reep is joined by Marcus Stamos, Intern Isaiah, Elliott and Mark to read some comments from last week’s show, talk about Jon’s time at the STAR WARS park in Disney World, and some recent shows. In BEST TRENDS, it’s National Daiquiri Day!  How did the daiquiri get it’s name?  And Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the news for farting in somebody’s face while working on a movie.  Jon asks the question on everyone’s mind… did they deserve it?  And has anyone in his studio crew ever farted in someone’s face? And as usual, Jon’s giving his money away.  He’s got more Residual Checks for some lucky listener to win.  Live viewers call in to guess the amount of Jon’s residual check from an episode of the sitcom RODNEY. In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a man killed his friend during a fishing trip….

Ep. 137 – Mukbanging with Mom’osa! A Pet Rooster Murder! Sebastian & Marcus Take Over!

With Jon Reep is traveling, he asked Sebastian and Marcus Stamos take over for him on this week’s COUNTRY-ish episode. But he still zooms into the show to talk about his recent trip to Myrtle Beach, SC and an awesome fireworks display. Sebastian and Marcus decide they’re going to give away some of Jon’s money in HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? Live viewers call in for a chance to win one of Jon’s residual checks! In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Sebastian shares the story of a Florida man that was arrested after killing his neighbor’s pet rooster! The rooster’s owner is a riot, but Sebastian and Marcus Stamos feel bad for the poor reporter that got assigned this story. What a cock blocker! Jon Reep and his mother, Mom’Osa, visit the Parkway House Restaurant in Hickory to try out their gyros, chicken-fried steak, and jalapeño poppers in

Ep. 136 – Live or Memorex? National Bikini, Graham Cracker, and Workaholic Days and a Blast from the Past

Today’s show is like an old cassette tape commercial… is it live or is it Memorex? Jon reads comments from last week’s show before coming clean and admitting he is not “live” this week as he is on vacation in Myrtle Beach.  However, that doesn’t stop him from sharing some interesting information about National Graham Cracker Day, National Bikini Day, National Hawaii Day, and National Workaholic Day. Then, Jon has a “blast from the past” as he shares shares a July 5th 2019 episode of “FRIED”, his previous podcast, where he gets together with Marc Hunt, aka Marcus Stamos, aka the owner / operator of Marcus Christian Beauty Shop. They reveal the winners of the “caption this” contest on Facebook & Instagram, they read your email & Youtube comments, read two more poems from Jon’s Journal and  talk about the making of the “Fast Times in Hickory” video. Like the Grande

Ep. 135 – Paul Bunyan, Linda Skeens, Watchmen Isaiah, Residual Checks and Sexual Attraction to a Fence!

Today’s show is like a Folky Fence that Frolics at a Fair!  Join comedian Jon Reep and his crew for another episode of COUNTRY-ish! In BEST TRENDS:  What do Wimbledon, the Jan 6th hearings, Ghislaine Maxwell, Watergate, and Truth Social all have in common? None of those will be talked about here!  Instead… it’s Paul Bunyan Day, and if you don’t know, you better axe somebody!   Plus, who is Linda Skeens?  We need to find this woman. All points bulletin for Linda Skeens! Jon loves listening to his resident HAYSEED GEN-Z Intern Isaiah’s accent so he has him read classic narration from a movie.  This week, it’s the movie “WATCHMEN”.  Can Intern Isaiah pull off a dark, gruff superhero voice… or will Jon need to get involved and give him some acting lessons? It’s time for someone to win Jon’s money in another exciting round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD

Ep. 134 – Selfie Day, Ric Flair, Goodwill Hunting & Crabs get turned into Whiskey!

We have a Crabby but Styling-and-Profiling kind of show for you today! Jon’s resident “HAYSEED GEN-Z”, Intern Isaiah, and his sweet, Southern accent, take a crack at reading some narration from the famous Steve Martin comedy THE JERK.  With Jon’s acting coaching, will Isaiah put in a better performance this week? In BEST TRENDS, Jon celebrates #NationalSelfieDay by taking a selfie (obviously) and then talks about “Nature Boy” Ric Flair scheduling his final wrestling match.  Will Intern Isaiah be in attendance? Jon’s giving more money away in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? In SMALL TOWN NEWS, a New Hampshire distillery is turning crabs into whiskey!  Jon feels the crabs probably deserve it… they are kind of a-holes.  What other alcoholic drinks could be made from sea creatures? And in GOODWILL HUNTING, Jon and Marcus Stamos exchange $5.00 gifts from a local Goodwill store.  Marcus’ gift

Ep. 133 – Flag Day, Little Caesars, Residual Checks & a Sex Toy in a Catfish!

We have a Fishy, Phallic, Flag-tastic, Pizza Party of a show for you today! Jon loves his Intern Isaiah’s voice and accent… so he has him redo some classic narration from a famous movie.  This week, Isaiah reads narration from STAND BY ME. In BEST TRENDS… today is Flag Day! Shout out Betsy Ross!  Do you have a flag in your yard? Do you know the proper way to fold the flag? TIM ALLEN is in the news as he is not the new Buzz Lightyear.  Why is that?  And what’s Mr. Allen up to these days? And LITTLE CAESARS has become the official pizza of the NFL, taking PIZZA HUT’s place.  Jon has to try some some pizza from both places live on the show and gives his shocking opinion. Also, as usual, Jon’s giving more money away in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL

Ep. 132 – Prince’s Birthday, Pride Whoppers, GoodWill Hunting & Florida Man Crashes Car During Sex

We have a Prince-ly, Proud Whooper, Goodwill, Fellatio of a show for you today! In BEST TRENDS, Jon talks about Prince’s birthday and his memories of seeing him perform.  He even shows some of his own album covers that were inspired by The Purple One.  And plus… Burger King debuts the “Pride Whopper” so Jon decides to give it a shot! Intern Isiah, our resident “Hayseed GenZ”, admits to liking the movie “Clueless”… so Jon has him read some of the dialogue from the film to see what it sounds like.  In SMALL TOWN NEWS, Jon shares the story of a Florida man and woman that crash into a FedEx truck… while performing a sex act in the car.  Jon asks his studio crew… has this ever happened to you? There’s another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK where Jon has more money to give away to a

Ep. 131 – Top Gun:Maverick, Leanne Morgan, a new Sun Drop song & a Lion with Mullet!

We have a Dirty Grass, Big Panty, Top Gun, Mane Mullet of a show for you today!  In BEST TRENDS, Top Gun: Maverick is out and Jon watched it and has lots of thoughts to share.  They also discuss the new Obi Wan Kenobi series out now on Disney Plus. There’s another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK where Jon has more money to give away to a lucky listener. Comedian LEANNE MORGAN zooms in to talk about big panties and touching her eyeballs. Kevin Dedmon from the band DIRTY GRASS SOUL joins the show to share a song he wrote about his favorite drink, SUN DROP. And in SMALL TOWN NEWS there’s a lion at a zoo in China that has a mullet and it’s causing an uproar.

Ep. 130 – Ricky Gervais, Beavis & Butthead, DashMan NashCam and Big Macs for 50 years!

We have a Supernatural, Pansexual, Big Mac of a show for you today! In BEST TRENDS, Ricky Gervais has a new comedy special on Netflix… and, you guessed it, someone’s offended! Beavis & Butthead are making a comeback with a new film and Jon’s super excited. Plus, Happy PansexualVisibilityDay! Jon welcomes J.J. BRENT to the show to talk about his YouTube channel “DashMan NashCam” where he videotapes some of the crazy stuff happening on the streets of Nashville, as well as the BANG THIS TWINS and some karaoke stories! Then Jon gives away some of his money to a lucky listener in this week’s HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? It’s for an episode of EASTBOUND & DOWN on HBO. And in SMALL TOWN NEWS Jon tells the story of a man in Wisconsin who just celebrated 50 years of eating Big Macs.  Every.  Single.  Day.   He’s lovin’ it! Join

Ep. 129 – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, She-Hulk, Free Money & Calling a Man Bald is Sexual Harassment!

We have an Angry, Voluptuous, Hairless Show for you today! Jon welcomes SUN DROP to the show, and shows off his first online commercial video he made for them. Jon loves Intern Isaiah’s country accent so much, he has him read classic narration from “The Shawshank Redemption”.  And Intern Elliott has a new long-distance dedication to deliver Barry White-style. In BEST TRENDS, Jon talks about the newest Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and gets reactions from his co-host and interns.  Is it hot or not?  Plus… what is a “She-Hulk” and why is it trending? Jon gives away more of his money in another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?  Have you seen his appearance in JANE THE VIRGIN? And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, Calling a man “bald” is now considered sexual harassment?  Thanks to a ruling in the United Kingdom it is… and Jon says it’s about

Ep. 128 – Hilary Duff, Baby Formula, Larry the Cable Guy, Free Money & a 7-Year-Old Wine-Chugging at a Communion!

We have a Sweet, Sexy, Saintly Show for you today! in BEST TRENDS, Hillary Duff is in the buff (so we have to talk about that).  And #NoBabyFormulaBiden is trending right now.  What’s that all about?  Jon and crew talk about the looming baby formula crisis, why being breast-fed might be underrated, and much more! LARRY THE CABLE GUY pops into the show again to take with Jon about their shared love for karaoke and how that might affect their upcoming show together. Also, Jon’s giving money away with another RESIDUAL CHECK game where a lucky audience member will get to win his check from “Jane the Virgin”. And in SMALL TOWN NEWS, a 7-year-old girl chugged a full chalice of wine during her church communion. Bless her heart! Join actor/comedian Jon Reep on his weekly show COUNTRY-ish, where he and his crew talk about the latest BEST TRENDS, share

Ep. 127 – Cledus T. Judd, Larry the Cable Guy, Free Money & a Man Grows a New Penis On His Arm!

Actor, Comedian, and Black Card member at Planet Fitness JON REEP has an emasculating, offensive…. but very appreciative show for you today! In BEST TRENDS Bill Murray offended someone on the set of a movie and finds himself in some hot water. It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day, so Jon talks about the teachers he appreciated and shares a video recording of him giving a book report in high school dressed as Rosalynn Carter. LARRY THE CABLE GUY drops by again to answer some questions from Jon’s Facebook fans. Singer / Songwriter / Comedian, CLEDUS T. JUDD zooms in to talk about how his musical career started, how he was a high school basketball phenom, and his latest song about President Biden. Then it’s time to give away some money as Jon plays HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? with his audience and chooses three random listeners to

Ep. 126 – Trailer Park Diaries, Free Money, Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, Larry the Cable Guy & Small Town News!

We have a trailer trashy, big crappy nasty show for you today! Jon and co-host Marc talk about the upcoming Carolinas CannaBusiness conference where the COUNTRY-ish crew will have a booth, Jon’s “No Drinko ’til Cinco” plan, and updates on his comedy crusise coming up in 2023. In BEST TRENDS, Jon talks about the news of Elon Musk buying Twitter, how Mike Tyson punched an annoying passenger on a plane, and celebrates National Audubon Day… or is that National Autobahn Day? Jon welcomes LARRY THE CABLE GUY back to the show to talk about his latest tour – “Remain Seated” and how much Larry is touring these days. Next it’s WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO? where Jon talks with comedians Vicki Barbolak and Shawn Pelofsky about their podcast “TRAILER PARK DIARIES” where they read from a trunkful of diaries uncovered in their trailer park home. Jon gives away FREE MONEY on his game

Ep. 125 – Johnny Depp, Free Money, Raelyn Nelson & the Safe Sex Easter Bunny!

It’s a Crazy, Talented, Egg-selent show for you today! In BEST TRENDS:  Jon talks about actor Johnny Depp’s day in court and his testimony in his case against his former wife… and how it almost puts Jon to sleep just listening to Depp talk.  Can someone put some pirate music behind it? LARRY THE CABLE GUY drops in to chat about his Easter traditions and the death of comedian Gilbert Godfried. In WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO?, Jon talks with RAELYN NELSON – the granddaughter of Willie Nelson – about songwriting, getting started in her musical career, singing pop and rap hits at karaoke, and her new single “Free” coming soon. Jon plays another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK? where he gives away money to one of his random, lucky winners.  It’s another check from EASTBOUND & DOWN… how much is it? And in SMALL TOWN NEWS,

Ep. 124 – Gilbert Godfried, Cam Newton, Country Music Awards and a Bear Punches out of a Car!

It’s a Grizzly, Misogynistic, but Money-Making Show for you Today! It’s “No Drink til Cinco” for Jon, so he’s working more on his DDPY Yoga with his trainer Travis Mahaffey. They’re offering COUNTRY-ish listeners a special deal:  visit and you’ll get 50% off if you mention “Jon Reep” when purchasing. In BEST TRENDS, Jon talks about the death of comedian Gilbert Godfried and shares one of his favorite clips of Gilbert’s comedy. Then, he shifts gears to talk about some sexist comments recently made by his “favorite quarterback”, Mr. Cam Newton.  Intern Isaiah, fresh off his assignment reviewing the “Sex in the City” sequel, reviews the Country Music Awards show.  Isaiah lets us know his favorite performances of the night and has a disagreement with Jon about the Bryan Adams/Jason Aldean duet.  And Isaiah wants to know why BREAD didn’t get a nomination? There’s another round of HOW MUCH IS THAT